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Home Computing Weekly

Wheel Of Fortune
By Epic
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #68

Epic prides itself on producing high quality adventures for the BBC only, concentrating effort on producing superior games. I must agree. Technically this game surpasses any I have seen for the BBC.

After spinning the Wheel of Fortune, you find yourself in a different world. In the bottom half of the screen, your position information is given. The top half displays a picture of your surroundings using Mode 7 graphics. You move around the area picking up objects and meeting a policeman and a beggar. The interesting thing about these characters is that they both move independently from you and treat you in the same way as you treat them.

There are 250 different locations, with pictures drawn instantly. You can type in commands in every-day English of up to 254 characters. The function keys can be set up with common commands and there is the usual SAVE feature.

The game itself is nothing new and, as usual, it doesn't understand that many sentences. However, it is of good quality and is carefully written.


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