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By Compusoft
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #63

This game is in Basic and takes ages to load. I leave you to decide whether it's worth it.

"This had better educate me," he thinks, looking at the price.

I imagine this program is designed for four- to five-year olds. The menu gives you the choice of games or work. This bit must be for the teacher. Any child who can read this is too bright for the questions. Being your usual hardworking type of person, I opted for the games.

The letter game involves pressing the letter shown on the screen. If you get it right, the picture is drawn; if you're wrong then you get a loud buzz. The two other games are similar.

Alphabet display involves pressing a key so that the corresponding letter and picture are drawn.

The instructions give no idea what happens if you are wrong. Small children may not understand. The pictures are reasonable but take a long time to draw. A child may be more patient but I'm sure would soon become bored.

I don't think many schools would be willing to spend £6 on a game of this quality.


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