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Scull PD Disc #84
By Scull PD
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #67

The Lost Phirious

This disk contains a science fiction trilogy entitled The Lost Phirious. Actually, it should be a quadruple, but the author never started writing the last in the series!

Far in the future, you are an interstellar scrap dealer who has just discovered information concerning the spaceship Phirious, which was lost many years ago. If you could just find the Phirious, then you would be rich beyond your wildest dreams...

You must first travel to Earth and find the area in which to start looking for the Phirious and then go there... but in part one you don't even reach tho Earth! Your greed sidetracks you on your way when you find another abandoned ship, Casiopia. You beam on board the Casiopia to have a look around when suddenly your own spaceship explodes! You must nov; find a way off the Casiopia and down to Earth...

In part two, subtitled The Planets, you eventually have managed to land on the planet Earth and you must now find out as much as possible about the location of the Phirious.

In the final part, Falkrahanon, you now have a ship and sup-plies and are on the way to the Phirious when you are suddenly attacked by space pirates. You manage to lose the pirates, but you must land on a nearby planet, Falkrahanon, to refuel before continuing in your quest.

Originally reviewed in AA8 and AA10, we gave the games fairly decent reviews but criticised the lack of logic of some of the puzzles and the games' unoriginality.

Written by Neil Scrimgeour (who also has drawn some Level 9 graphics in the past), the Phirious Trilogy is enjoyable but is spoilt a little because, as part four was never written, you will never find the Phirious...!

Neil has made the first part easy, with the other parts getting progressively difficult. Worth getting.

The Balrog

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