Looey (Harlequin) Review | Home Computing Weekly - Everygamegoing

Home Computing Weekly

By Harlequin

Published in Home Computing Weekly #99

Looeys are cuddly creatures that inhabit the planet Texas. They are protected by a magic cup which has been stolen by hooligans on their way to an intergalactic football match. When they found it was not the prize trophy they threw it into a deep crater inhabited by an evil druid (wouldn't you know it?). So now a poor Looey must venture into the crater to retrieve the missing cup.

The game itself is nothing elaborate - yet another climb ladders, avoid nasties, jump about and eat apples type game. I should think by now that everyone must have a least one, if not cupboards full of them. What's really the difference between them? The characters, scenario and where you eat the fruit!

The only instructions are those supplied on the screen, loaded separately. Several attempts were made to load the game which required totally different volume and tone settings, so by the time I was ready to play I could have done with a reminder of which keys to use.


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