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Fighter Pilot
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #61

Search and destroy is the name of the game. Enemy planes must be destroyed before they have the opportunity to bomb you. You start with five but are awarded one extra after 3000 points.

The joystick is used in conjunction with the keyboard to control speed, height and direction. The screen shows a control panel with gauges for all these parameters as well as radar. But before you even start looking for the enemy the fighter must be lifted from the airstrip. The first few games are usually wasted in trying to find the requirements for a perfect take off.

Once in the air you launch the attack on the enemy who has the added advantage of cloud cover. For each adversary hit, points are awarded. Failing to take evasive action will probably find you one fighter less and back on the ground!

When you feel you've had enough you may return to the ground - but only if your fuel is not too high and, more importantly, if you are not so disorientared that you can't find the runway.


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