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Home Computing Weekly

Mr. Frog
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #44

Mr. Frog is quite remarkable in that it must be one of the worst adaptations of Frogger that I've ever seen, and among the most expensive.

Furthermore, when you come to play the game itself you are soon left with the impression that something is drastically wrong.

A small insert provided with the cassette gives "hints" like "try not to land at the right hand side of boats" and "you may roll off the logs".

What this means is that if you safely land on a log or boat you may still be treated as though you drowned, whilst at other times you can land in the water by the side of a boat, yet float along as though you were on it!

A similar situation exists when you attempt to land in a home. The instructions say "land slightly to the right".

It's more likely that the homes themselves are in the wrong places. You can jump into the bank itself to the right of the home and be awarded points for a safe landing, whereas landing to the left actually in the home leads to instant death!


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