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Published in Home Computing Weekly #48

If you're the owner of TI joysticks then you might as well forget about Bouncer - it promises to be both a waste of your time and money.

The object of the game is to move your Bouncer, which resembles a rubber ball with legs, around a series of trampolines, each bounce gaining points. The configuration of the trampolines varies with each screen completed.

Success depends on precise timing of the Bouncer's jumps so as to avoid arrows continually shooting across the screen. Should an arrow pierce your little Bouncer he gradually disintegrates, whereupon you start again.

The movement of the Bouncer relies heavily on diagonal positioning of the joysticks. With the TI models not only is this difficult, to say tile least, but they are additionally disadvantaged by being slow to respond. These shortcomings are admitted at the end of the supplier's instructions American by the way. which also state that third party hardware tested by them performed satisfactorily.


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