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Home Computing Weekly

Secret Agent
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #59

We've all seen the classic film stunt of running along a moving train, leaping from one carriage to another. Now here's the chance to try it without leaving the comfort of your armchair.

You have five enthusiastic agents with which to recover a briefcase - full of secrets, of course! On the first screen your agent crosses the train by jumping over pylins and taking care not to fall between the carriages. The briefcase is located at the far end of the train, but once recovered another appears at the opposite end. This continues until a total of six have been collected, the number of pylons increasing with each complete traverse of the screen.

The train then disappears and your agent reappears on one of a series of cable cars. By jumping up and down onto the cars he must once again take possession of the briefcase which has been hidden in one of the cars. If he survives this screen he returns to screen one which continues at a faster pace.

Makes excellent use of the sprites available in Extended Basic, providing graphics that are both amusing and effective.


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