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Home Computing Weekly

Meteor Storm
By Intersoft

Published in Home Computing Weekly #36

Your objective is to blast meteors as they move around the screen, manoeuvring your ship to avoid collision.

The ship may be rotated left or right through 360 degrees, with 45 degree stepwise turns, and accelerated. The latter feature makes the game exciting, as the faster you are travelling when a meteor is destroyed, the higher your score.

There are two modes of play, normal and advanced. In normal play you are confronted with five showers of meteors, the game ending when either you've blasted through all of them or crash.

In advanced play there are an infinite number of meteors provided, the game ending only in the event of a collision. With a choice of 10 skill levels, there is plenty of scope for expert and beginner alike.

Control of the ship is by keyboard or joystick. The instructions state there is an additional feature for younger children whereby and adult may manoeuvre the ship with joysticks while the child uses the spacebar to fire.


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