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Home Computing Weekly

Gran Pree
By Andromeda

Published in Home Computing Weekly #38

Gran Pree is a one or two player game in which cars are raced against those controlled by the computer.

Before starting, you are given the option of either playing through a full Grand Prix season of 15 races, or selecting your own limits for race duration and the number of wins required to become champion.

The race track is then displayed with two lane chicane and pit stop. Cars line up on the starting grid and play begins when a flashing light changes from red to green.

Player's cars may be moved up or down, accelerated or decelerated, and their current fuel reserve and speed are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Changes in speed are indicated by a series of discords, the drone of which soon becomes intolerable.

With a choice of four skill levels, you might expect this to be a fairly entertaining race simulation.

The action was too slow for my liking, however, and I soon became frustrated and bored, whether playing solely against the computer or with another player.


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