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Home Computing Weekly

Graphs Maths Tutor
By Salamander

Published in Home Computing Weekly #51

Another in a series designed with 'O' and 'A' level students in mind. It comes in a large box with comprehensive manual and five programs. There are instructions to transfer to disc.

Each section enables the student to proceed individually with the first two programs allowing for group work. As with other programs in this series, the aims and objectives are clearly stated in the manual. Included here are the demonstration examples as well as sample questions that aid learning.

The last three programs involve answering multiple choice questions about "graphical representations of equations". Some of the ground covered includes variations on the sine, cosine and tangent curves, straight line graphs, quadramatic and cubic curves.

It's a very straightforward set which can only benefit the student. All responses are kept as simple as this subject allows which is a good reason for having the multiple choice format were applicable. Graphics are well presented giving instant response. Good revision material at the end of the school year.


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