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Graphs Maths Tutor
By Salamander

Published in A&B Computing 1.08

Everything about this program has been thought out very carefully, and the final result is a tape which will prove to be very useful both in schools and in private study at home. There will be many schools which will welcome such an extensive and thorough investigation of the subject, and they will find the facility to transfer these five programs to disc to be invaluable.

When I was studying 'O' and 'A' level maths, graphs were either drawn in books, or else inaccurate freehand attempts. This program animates the drawing process and removes the problem of shaky hands! A graph which can be evaluated by the relationship between X and Y can be easily input, and it will then be drawn on screen. These graphs may be exponential or may include trigonometric functions. A 'quick-draw' feature allows a good approximation to be gained, and then suitable ranges for the X and Y axes can be given which will allow a more detailed plot to be made.

Parametric expressions are also covered, and then there are a series of tests which will give the student much to think about. The program will be very useful at 'O' level up to post 'A' level work.

Dave Reeder

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