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Drain Mania
By Icon
Acorn Electron

Published in Home Computing Weekly #112

Down the mines, up in space and now you can go down the drains into the sewers and try to find your way out.

When the first part of the program is loaded, you get the opportunity to switch the music off. But it's worth at least one listen through and much better than I've heard in a long time. A lot of care has also been taken with the instructions which smoothly scroll up the screen like the credits at the cinema - a little too quickly for my junior readers, I'm afraid, with no opportunity to slow down. Then you are given the option to define your own action keys in a straightforward manner.

Once you've got through all this, the game proper is loaded.

You become Theodore. Starting at the top of the scren you can move around and leap about avoiding Inky, Dinky and Pinky. There are ways of killing them off - by headbutting the platform underneath them then kicking them! Sounds vicious? Well, it doesn't look that bad; it may appeal to some football fans!

Points are gained for obliterating the creatures and collecting the coins that people invariably drop down the drains. It's tempting at this point to suggest that you might be throwing your's down there if you bought this game - but I'll resist it.

It's colourful, the animation is good and the screens are well presented. Some appeal to the arcade freak but for a short time only I'm afraid. Don't sink to this one!


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