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By Shards
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #29

It's you versus the evil Dragon Empire - the red menace! - in a bid to rule the world. A must for budding megalomaniacs.

This is a version of that very popular board game called "Risk". It is extremely colourful and uses hi-res displays showing a map of the world and close-ups of the various 'continents'.

A separate sheet included with the cassette explains all manoeuvres clearly giving you the option to allocate armies to territories and to attack. All outcomes are judged by the computer and on-screen "Comment Box" keeps you informed of your progress.

There are eight levels of difficulty but I soon found that for a fairly even game you had to go to level five or six. The highest levels seem to have the odds stacked against you and, as the Empire always starts first, it's difficult to achieve any success.

This is a terrific game. I've played it several times and find it visually attractive and highly addictive. The strategies do vary as each time you select your initial territories. The neutral zones, although unable to attack, can be a help or a hindrance according to their random positioning.


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