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Home Computing Weekly

By Oasis
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #42

This is a well designed screen version of the game of chess with only very minor drawbacks. It's a machine code program that loads quickly and reliably, offering six levels of difficulty.

For me the winning feature was the on-screen menu which allowed so many options: you could get advice on your next move, change positions, set up problems, change level of play, take your move back, save and load games to tape, list your moves and have them primed.

Even this list isn't exhaustive! It was the sort of program that rekindled an interest in a classic game.

A small problem was the choice of colour mode, which produced one or two fuzzy pieces on the 'black' side. And my review copy didn't have any instructions, so I had to learn by trial and error that the M key enabled the cursor-driven menu.

Apart from these trifling matters I thought this was an excellent version of the game. Well worth buying.


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