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Home Computing Weekly

Sir Lancelot
By Alton
Dragon 32/64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #31

As Sir Lancelot your job is to explore the evil Lord's castle in order to see if it is safe and empty.

This is another text adventure allowing you to roam about discovering hazards, treasures and monsters. There is a vocabularly of 30 verbs and a magic ruby to help you on your way.

The program is written in Basic and takes almost three minutes to load. Instructions are quite clear although provided on a plain piece of paper - no concession to commercialisation!

In fact, there was a definite amateur feel to the whole presentation, highlighted by the odd spelling mistake and a syntax error in line 1850!

Once this is adjusted (I haven't come across any others yet) the program runs smoothly at different skill levels. Commands are entered one word at a time in the usual verb-noun and the responses are fast enough.

I managed to accomplish a fair amount with little difficulty at the easiest level and it certainly seems ideally suited to those who, struggling with more complex adventures, get frustrated easily.

No SAVE feature, unfortunately, and therefore one has the tedious business of going through all the motions repeatedly.


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