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Home Computing Weekly

Demon Raider
By Harmansoft

Published in Home Computing Weekly #52

A rather disappointing photocopied inlay bearing the name and a small illustration, together with instructions (printed upside-down!) confirmed my suspicions that this was another game based around an over-used idea.

The "battle", if it can be called that, starts in the outer base, inside the martian moon, with your spacecraft making an unimpressive entrance to the cavern from the top.

At the bottom are about 40 power modules, with guns on a hill at either side. Scattered around are demi-mines, separated from the power modules by a force field, running from one hill top to the other.

Using the arrow keys, you move around firing your laser (which looks nothing like a laser) at the force field. When a hole has been made you can blast the power modules. Only after each shot do the aliens make a feeble attempt to destroy you. After the aliens have launched a missile, you have no control over your spacecraft and are unable to move from its path.

If you are destroyed, the computer cheekily and insultingly displays "Too tough for you ha!". What a joke! Overall, a pretty poor game, relying too heavily on luck as opposed to skill.


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