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Home Computing Weekly

Daddie's Hot Rod
By Lantern

Published in Home Computing Weekly #23

The idea of this game is to drive your dad's Hot Rod car around the block while collecting hitch hikers and taking them to a garage on the way. Your car is displayed in the middle of the screen and the road scrolls up towards you.

You score a point each time you complete the course, and each time you transport a hitch hiker to the garage.

The program loaded first time and the only bug I found was that the program occasionally paused for a second or so, sometimes distracting your attention and making you crash.

The screen display was very good and colour and sound were both used very well.

Instructions were displayed on the screen at the beginning of the program, but they did not explain how to collect hitch hikers, or how to drop them off at the garage.

All in all, I enjoyed playing this game, and although it wasn't as fast as a game written in machine code, it was faster than most programs written in TI Basic.


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