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Hang Glider Pilot
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #39

The object of this game is to jump from ridge, and before landing, fly for as long and as far as possible without crashing.

The view you have of the hang glider is from above, but you also have an excellent artificial horizon, as well as meters to tell your altitude, your speed ROC (rate of climb/descent) and velocity.

There are only six keys used to control the hang glider - the four arrow keys, as well as A and F. The latter two are used for very steep banks/turns.

Anyone who has played on a flight simulator will know that the arrow facing away from you (in this case, key E) is used to pitch the nose of the aeroplane down, and the arrow facing towards you (in this case, key X) pitches the nose up.

Not so in this case. Key E is used to pitch the nose up, and key X is used to pitch it down. Very confusing!

Landing is rather a complicated business but, as the instructions say, "technique comes with practice"!

Even though this program is very pricey at £13, I enjoyed it tremendously.


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