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Home Computing Weekly

By Byteware

Published in Home Computing Weekly #47

There are two games on this cassette, both versions of the popular electronic game in which the player has to repeat the sounds and lights made by the computer.

In game one, the computer flashes a light and plays a note and you must press the corresponding key. If correct, the computer will add an extra note to the sequence, and once again you must press the correct keys. An extra note is added until you either press the wrong key, or the computer finishes the sequence. At this point the program stops, apparently due to a bug - a bad line number!

Game two is the same, except that you add a note of your choice after completing the sequence.

At the beginning of each game you may choose whether you would like 10, 20, 30 or 40 notes in the sequence.

Unfortunately, the instructions are not very clear at first, as the author rather carelessly failed to include punctuation.

Overall, I found this game was reasonably enjoyable to play, as well as being a pleasant change from Space Invaders.


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