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Home Computing Weekly

Braintwisters 3
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #40

This consists of two programs, Hangman and Decypher.

Hangman is an excellent reproduction of the old favourite. There are three skill levels which range from a single word to a common phrase.

The graphics are very good, and colour is used well, but sound could be improved upon.

If you correctly guess the word, a simple tune is played. If not, the computer very ruthlessly proceeds to execute the poor man in the gallows, and displays the correct word on the screen.

The object of Decypher is to crack a substitution code.

A series of lower case letters are displayed at the top of the screen. These will form some words or a phrase when the substitution code is cracked.

The lower case alphabet is displayed at the bottom of the screen, and after you have positioned an arrow over your chosen letter, you must enter another letter from the keyboard.

This letter then replaces all your chosen letters at the top of the screen. The procedure continues until you have completed the phrase at the top of the screen.

Help is supposed to be given if the space bar is held down, but, unfortunately, this only caused the program to stop due to an error.


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