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Home Computing Weekly

Quicker Qwerty
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #43

This program is designed to teach you how to type on the TI-99/4A using all your fingers.

The keyboard is drawn on the screen and you are told to place your fingers over the "home keys" with your thumbs over the space bar.

A white dot is displayed on one of the keys. This key must be pressed as quickly as possible.

If you hit the right key, another dot is displayed on the keyboard.

This procedure is repeated several times before the computer tells you how many mistakes you made and the length of time between key presses.

If you made no mistakes, and you didn't take too long between key presses, the computer displays "Well done". This is then followed by another series of keys which must be pressed.

The program has 22 levels which are progressed through one after another.

Because it takes a long time to complete all the levels, the program can be left and continued later. This is simply done by entering the level you've reached at the beginning of the program.


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