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Home Computing Weekly

European Knowledge
By Micro Power
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #88

This is a quiz type program on the theme of Europe that might appeal to the parent who believes the micro has a reputation to live up to at home. I would be disturbed to find it being seriously used at school as it attempts to cover a lot of ground in a superficial way.

The program uses a multiple choice format colourfully presented at the bottom of a high resolution map of Europe. A flashing cursor points to the part in question and asks you to identify it in the first instance.

Questions are asked about 34 countries. There are five levels of difficulty which affect the time allowed to answer rather than the nature of the question. Marks are given as a percentage on request or at the end of a round of 40 questions.

The program covers such areas as capital cities, industries, famous persons, currency and population. It seemed very repetitive and limited in scope even though the database may be extensive.

There is also the problem of slow loading time: the instructions, data and screen each load separately.


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