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Home Computing Weekly

Football Manager
By Addictive Games
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #81

This is a simulation game with you running a football team. It's comprehensive and packed full of features. Most of the game concerns textual information which is being constantly updated but this version does include "matches in 3D graphics".

A little disappointing at first because of the unrealistic effect of chunky low resolution mode, but I got used to it. The 3D effect gives you a grandstand view.

The menu driven options work well, allowing you to view your fixtures, sell players, see the league tables and save your current position. This last option was important and enabled me to make progress over a couple of evenings.

Of further interest was the ability to create a completely new team - well worthwhile for that satisfying feeling of having done it completely on your own.

One of the options is to choose your skill level. There are seven to choose from, allowing plenty of scope to improve your managerial technique and make the going a bit more realistic.

An absorbing game which kept me and my son amused over many sessions. Good value.


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