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ST Format

Navy Moves
By Dinamic
Atari ST

Published in ST Format #1


There are some attractive sprites in the game. The enemies in the platform level are effectively portrayed and realistically drawn. They have not been animated too brilliantly and they're far from menacingly massive but this is compensated for by some fast action sequences. These aren't easy to tackle since the screen can often become grossly overpopulated with enemies.

The backdrops in the first level are striking. The sea looks good and the reddened sky is very eye-catching even if it does make distinguishing the identically-coloured red mines damn near impossible.

Sound is limited to standard spot-effects, some of which are fairly dire.

For example, when you're in the dinghy, you can fire missiles to blast away any other craft; unfortunately, every time you fire a missile the noise of the engine disappears, your missile is fired and then the engine noise returns - not exactly realistic.


Army Moves was a ridiculously difficult game to play and Navy Moves has inherited the same complexity. Level one is annoyingly hard to survive, especially when the other boats make an appearance but what is most frustrating here is that after every collision with a mine you're immediately returned to the start of the level.

If you can survive this, then level two poses yet more problems. Men appear out of nowhere to make life under the ocean wave a misery. When the screen becomes a hive of activity it's not easy to keep track of all the action so survival is limited to a few brief minutes.

Navy Moves boasts a better gameplay than its army counterpart - which isn't too difficult - but it's still the type of game which is good for a few brief plays but becomes quickly boring.

Mark Higham

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