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The Pyramid
By Fantasy
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer Games #8

The Pyramid

Many a curse is reputed to fall on those who penetrate the sanctity of a pharaoh's tomb. Yet many are willing to take the chance, for they believe that in the pyramid lies the answer to the 'Ultimate Question of Life'.

Well, you don't have to buy the mumbo-jumbo to enjoy The Pyramid, the popular Spectrum mega-zap now converted for the Commodore 64.

You start the game in the chamber at the apex of a pyramid containing 120 rooms. Your task is to get to the base level - the 15th level. There are different aliens in each room, making double the number there were in the Spectrum version.

The Pyramid

You are cast in the role of Ziggy the astronaut, who is floating around inside cornthis pyramid in his 'exploratory capsule with great defensive shield power and a highly effective phased plasmic laser to atomize the aliens'. Essentially, he's a spaceman in a bubble, which is a good job, because you need some protection with all these vicious aliens around.

Each room has two exits at the bottom. These are guarded by force fields which change colour as you weaken them. To do this Ziggy must capture the crystals which float down from the top and deposit them on the fields.

This is more or less difficult depending on the kind of aliens inhabiting the room. Elephants with wobbling trunks, giant crabs, budgies on perches and chopping guillotines are just a few of the weird opponents who come swarming up, down or across the screen.

The nasties are all colourfully and cleverly drawn and their variety is one of The Pyramid's greatest attractions. The other compulsive element is plotting a route down to the base and learning which of the perilous rooms to avoid.

The game starts quite easily, but by the time you get to level six or seven the going gets really tough.


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