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Personal Compuer Games

By Voyager
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer Games #5


Somewhere in deepest hyperspace, between the twinkling stars of Zaxxon and Scramble, lies Quasar.

The scenario demands that you 'destroy the Etron rocket base on the planet Hagon'. In your efforts to do so you will encounter features from both of the above mentioned arcade superstars.


The main attraction for games fanciers will certainly be the 3D effects, which are very convincing and really add to the game's appeal.

Indeed the graphics are remarkably similar to those in Megahawk reviewed on page 65.

The first stage takes you into the 'fearsome space tunnel'. This is a 3D alley through which your ship hurtles trying to blast the Astrofighters zooming at you from front and rear.


After disposing of these you encounter, at the end of the brown and green striped tunnel, curious creatures on stilts which cannot be destroyed.

Next there is space, again with the fighters but with the added obstacle of the deadly asteroids.

A few trillion parsecs bring you to the third stage, where you have to hug the ground and blast the Etron rockets.

Unfortunately the landscape here is not very interesting. Then it's back to the alley for more fighters and the indestructible walls. Get through this and you can have a go at the Etron base.

Quasar is a very enjoyable game but just misses being in the top bracket, mainly due to its graphics which are a little on the chunky side. They do, however, scroll very smoothly and control of the craft is easy.


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