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Blue Moon
By Merlin
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer Games #6

Blue Moon

This is a game which begins with you trying to assemble your ship in stage one and ends with you landing on the fabled Blue Moon. In between you face many hazards but not too much excitement.

It all begins with the mournful tune of the same title - the one about you standing all alone, without a love of your own. But now you're no longer alone, because you can play Blue Moon.

The first stage is docking: guide the top half of the ship to join the bottom half using the joystick to thrust from side to side. Initially this is tricky, but it soon gets pretty easy. Next you face a comet storm. The streaming white obstacles fly across the screen before swooping down to engulf your ship.

Blue Moon

Survive the comets and you will encounter the Blue Bouncers - troublesome little squares on legs who spring iiround erratically and release bombs.

This section is a souped-up Galaxians. And then it's on to meet the Tecom Man, who's a large square creature, laying eggs which turn into hostile birds.

When you've destroyed him you reach your goal - an attempted landing on the Blue Moon. This is a planet with three hills. Once you have landed, a flagpole is hoisted, the Union Jack appears and 'Rule Brittania' is played.

While this game has a good variety of tasks, none of them is particularly demanding.

Graphics are reasonable but the sound is not impressive.


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