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By Rabbit
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer Games #8


When you're 'marooned deep in space on a hostile planet', it's a relief to know you've got a reliable vehicle to get about in. In this game, you're lucky enough to have a 'Multi-Terrain Amphibious Armoured Patrol Wagon'; not as easy to park as a mini but ever so useful over the 'roughest terrain of the planet Zon'.

Troopa-Truck is, of course, one of those "Moon Buggy-style" games in which you have to jump over craters, blast obstacles and fight off hostile airborne aliens.

The blue wagon trundles across the screen from left to right on its three sets of wheels. In its path appear deep craters and large rocks - jump or blast as seems best. In the background are three desert mountain ranges whose peaks scroll convincingly as you progress.

Trooper Truck

Alien opposition to your travels comes in three forms, First you're faced with the Helichargas, colourful flying saucers which drop bombs on you or the terrain. Although your wagon is equipped only with a 'somewhat primitive' PM22 ballistic blaster, this can fire both horizontally and vertically, so it's as well to get the Helichargas before they overtake you - otherwise they will create craters and cause you lots of problems.

Lasa Slamma Tanks come next. These are far less trouble as you merely have to hop over their cannon fire.

Finally, there are the Narzon Heatseekers which zoom at you from front and back.

Troopa-Truck is a good version of a familiar game with pleasant graphics. The wagon moves nicely and there are good sound effects when you crash. Pressing the 'C' key restarts the game at the point where you last died.


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