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Dancing Feats
By Artic Computing
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer Games #5

Dancing Feats

Dancing Feats' gimmick is that you use the joystick as your musical instrument. Because of this, it's a very easy program to use.

There is one basic tune which can be produced in a variety of styles. The main menu has five headings; Bass, Beat, Style, Tempo, Ending.

Each of these main headings has a number of choices. For your bass you can select from Jazz, Rock, Blues or Boogie Woogie.

The idea is simple enough even for the severely tone-deaf: you waggle the joystick around and get different notes.

Move round in a circle and you get a 'riff of melodic sounds'. Move up and down and you get individual notes. If you press the fire button you move an octave down. As you play the music is represented on screen by bars of colour moving up and down.

Dancing Feats is great fun to play at first but does become a little tedious after a while, mainly because of the limited background tune.


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