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Star Commando
By Terminal
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer Games #6

Star Commando

Will I ever get my wings? I've flown countless missions on Star Commando and I'm still only a rookie.

The trouble is the mothership. I can never find it when I'm running out of fuel. This means death and permanent rookie status. However, even for the lower ranks there is some good fun to be had in Star Commando.

The game is basically a jazzed-up version of the old Star Trek programs in which you had to scan space for the required aliens or treasure. The bonus in Star Commando is that you also get a very entertaining 3D shoot-'em-up.

The top right side of the screen is occupied by status reports: energy, score and high score. Below this is a 'star chart' with 16 squares corresponding to the different sectors of the galaxy through which you move.

The main screen display is a 3D view of space with your cross-hair sights. Various aliens and obstacles hurtle at you out of this starry vastness.

Pressing 'Return' produces a Long Range Sensor Scan giving you information on the occupants of each sector. You then choose one and go off for a zap.

There is quite a variety of aliens. Cosmic Kamikazes are whirling, four-pronged opponents. Sonic Bombardiers are blue ships which release red bombs at the same time as emitting a strange noise. In the Space Minefield multi-coloured Sputniks come spinning at you in a menacing fashion.

Star Commando is essentially a 3D mega-zap, but its graphics, sound and extras lift it just above the ordinary.


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