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Scull PD Disc #19
By Scull PD
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #65

Adventure Disk 2

All the adventures on this disk are written by Simon Avery:

Adult II

Adult II - After your recent fame at cheating death (See Adventure Disk 1 review), your live-in girlfriend complained that you were becoming big-headed and, quite unreasonably, locks you out one night. You feel sure that if you can get back into her house, you can win her over with your irresistible charms. Your quest, therefore, is to find her house (alcohol has dimmed your mind), the keys, and get inside. A nice little game but it is definitely for the 16+ and may be offensive to some people.

Well put together and humorously written, Simon has been compared to Richard (Dungeons Amethysts Alchemists 'n' Everything, The Orifice From Outer Space) Robinson in his adventure writing style - he certainly can write funny well-structured adventures if he puts his mind to it.


Your name is Golovin, and you're a fierce and noble warrior whose honesty has earned you a enviable reputation. At least that's what you said at your trial! You see you were accused of looking at the chief's young daughter... And found guilty. The chief himself passed sentence on you and has given you a choice - Either you go and find his daughter, who went missing after your alleged crime, or be tied to a spit and roasted.

Now at times like this, you look to your friends for help. Unfortunately for Golovin, his friends could be counted on Lefty Mahonie's right hand. So, you, Golovin, set off the find a certain young lady.

Doomlords is a three-part 'Quilled' adventure which shows that Simon can write 'serious' good games as well as writing humorous 'adult' titles. Doomlords is easy, so is ideal for the beginner, especially as it is so cheap.


You have been chosen to save the World. How you go about this is a little unclear but it involves finding the legendary firestone. During your travels you must kill the Svart king, feed the odd rock goblin and cross dangerous chasms. A good, easy to complete game, again ideal for the beginner. Logical puzzles and well-written.


You are Ed Ringer, ex-Space governmental spy. After you sell some inter-spatial secrets, your bosses take offence and sentence you to death. By some miracle, you escape, and board a shuttle to the moon. At the lunar terminus, you are jumped by two agents and once again manage to escape. In your rush, you jump in the first buggy you see and drive off into the lunar plains.

The buggy runs out of power four hundred kilometres out. Fortunately, you grind to a halt by a deserted base station... Your task is to escape from your pursuers... A small adventure (it only has 39 locations) but good fun. Once again, it is easy to solve.


A rather strange adventure. The thing is, your bedside table seems to be missing something and you can't sleep until you find something nice to sit upon it! No-one could ever call that an unoriginal storyline!

The Balrog

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