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Bob Sleigh/Bio-rhythms
By Byteware

Published in Home Computing Weekly #47

The object of Bob Sleigh is to steer along the track for as far as you can without crashing.

There are four courses, ranging from "very easy. flat" to "impossible, no kids" - little does the author know that "kids" are usually best at these.

When the game is played, you discover that the different skill levels only alter the width of the track, but there are four speeds at which the course may be attempted.

The sounds and graphics were just about acceptable, but not really anything special - indeed, I was amazed to find that one graphics character was taken straight out of the TI manual!

Bio-rhythms are cycles that start on the day you are born. There are three types: physical, every 23 days; psyche, every 27 days; and intellectual, every 33 days.

This program is designed to plot three graphs, as well as an average, for the next 30 days, giving an idea of how you will feel and shape up during this time.

Even though Bob Sleigh became rather boring after a while, I thought Bio-rhythms made up for this. Good value for money. Ratings are averaged between the two.


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