Home Computing Weekly

Pirate Adventure

Author: D.B.
Publisher: Adventure International
Machine: BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #58

An original Scott Adams adventure. I couldn't help noticing a few Americanisms in the output. But, it is yet another good adventure.

There aren't too many instructions and I suspect this is to make the game the more interesting. You use two-word commands and N, S, W, etc. to move.

The game starts in a building. After collecting the very important book and safety sneakers you transport yourself to Pirate Island where you need to build a boat to cross to Treasure Island.

Pirate Adventure

This stage is very difficult and needs a lot of thought. Some things seem so obvious they can't be true but you must try every approach.

It's disappointing there are no graphics. However, this would limit the large vocabulary. Even so, I have spent ages trying to explain what I want to do.

The cassette presentation is of a good standard and at least the words are different colours to distinguish commands from the answers and information from objects during the actual game. Anyone could spend ages playing this game. If you master it, other, later adventures are harder.


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