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Home Computing Weekly

Answer Back Senior Quiz
By Kosmos

Published in Home Computing Weekly #65

This quiz comes in a very flashy box. Colourful pictures and well thought out contents and instructions make the cassette look very promising.

This is a general knowledge quiz. There are 15 topics to choose from, including astronomy, music, science, sport and geography.

A menu is displayed giving you the choice of loading a quiz, starting or altering the present quiz. It is possible to add your own questions. The quiz begins.

To make the questions more interesting, the screen displays a lunar landscape and a robot writes out the questions. You can choose multiple choice answers, true or false, continuous answers or mixed. Up to 50 questions are stored on each subject. You have the option of being timed, passing and a re-run of the wrongly answered questions. One extra, which seems a little childish for over 12s, involves the robot. If you answer a question correctly, a small spaceship moves across the screen. You have to press the spacebar to shoot it down.

This game is expensive, but I must admit it is very good. Well written and presented.


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