Home Computing Weekly


Author: J.J.
Publisher: Stainless
Machine: TI99/4A

Published in Home Computing Weekly #71

The object of this rather unusual game is to keep a number of newly-hatched ophyss is a snake-like creature found in the Antarctic islands. The young ophysses (or ophyi?) must have nourishment, so they eat frogs.

In the two-player version a lifeline is displayed at each side of the screen. The length of this line shows how much nourishment each ophyss has, constantly decreasing. If an ophyss eats a frog, its lifeline returns to the maximum length and the ophyss grows by one unit. When it is 15 units long it expires, and a small ophyss emerges from its den. This ophyss must also grow to 15 units.

The opponent's tail may also be eaten. This does not give any nourishment, but 20 points are gained. When an ophyss has been bitten, it is paralysed for one move, so if possible, it should be bitten again.

In the one-player version of the game, the computer controls the opponent's ophyss, and there are seven levels of difficulty.

Overall, a good game that would be even better if in machine code on another computer.


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