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3D Star Trek
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #55

Scoring 0% for originality, this is yet another version of the game probably inspired by the film.

After about a minute, while the universe is being created, a 3D view from the bow and stern of your spaceship is displayed, together with all the usual information including present position, stardate, number of photon torpedoes and number of Klingon ships.

There are seven commands: navigation, fire weapon, multiple target firing, locate Klingons, convert fuel/weapons, locate Star Base, etc.

The two types of weapons are phasers and photon torpedoes, the latter being surprisingly inaccurate. One would have thought that a computer clever enough to locate a distant Klingon would at least be able to destroy it with a torpedo.

Bearing in mind only ten torpedoes can be on board at once and that the clumsy firing system uses up valuable torpedoes, it is plain to see why the energy/weapon command is needed.

In common with most TI games, 3D Star Trek is very slow but is quite enjoyable and makes good use of TI graphics.


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