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Home Computing Weekly

By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #44

Pursued by White Wraiths, you have to guide the Trogman around the maze, eating dots and other objects along the way.

When you are ready, you can proceed to the next level by reaching a while hole. Each level is harder than the previous one, as the Wraiths can hide behind and pass through the obstacles.

There are plenty of White Wraiths about, but they only move one at a time. This is clearly a device to prevent this TI Basic game from being even slower than it already is, as well as making it easier.

A nice addition, which I have yet to see on other TI games, is a high score table which displays the top six scores after each game.

Instructions are provided on a separate sheet, and also within the program. Though adequate, they are slightly inaccurate, stating that only one person can play. Trogman is in fact for one or two players.

This isn't a bad implementation of Pacman, but didn't hold my interest for very long, because it's so slow - probably the only unfavourable aspect of the game.


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