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Home Computing Weekly

By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #75

Pengi is an original game in which a small character is being chased by yetis. (Judging by the scenery, the action takes place on a mountain range.)

On the first screen, you must kill two yetis, in the second, four, and in the third, six, and so on.

To kill a yeti, you must use the space bar to push a block of ice at him. This isn't as simple as it sounds, because each block of ice must travel over at least one space before hitting a yeti. If an ice block is pushed into another ice block before moving over any spaces, it will shatter.

Things get really tough when the screen becomes very yeti-infested. Every time a yeti moves into a block of ice, the ice vanishes, and the more yetis, the less ice.

Only a very small portion of the screen is used to display the action. This, as well as the lack of sound, is probably to speed the game up, but it does not make full use of the Tl's facilities.

However, very good graphics are used in the top half of the screen to show beautiful, snow-capped mountains.


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