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Home Computing Weekly

By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #86

This is another of several programs I've reviewed that has been written by R. Trueman. Like all the others, the graphics are superb and the game fun to play.

In this game a smiling little blue capture bounds along the screen. To score points, he must eat notes that are found along several floors. He leaps up to each floor by jumping beneath large power blocks in the ceiling. When he reaches the top, he exits to the next screen.

There are monsters to avoid. Using smaller blocks on the ceilings, he may jump over them. Further hazards include spikes that point down from the ceilings. At intervals these shoot down, then retract. Should your creature be under one, a life is lost and he begins the ascent again, but not from screen one.

As each screen is completed the current score is shown. This is based on bonuses for the number of screens completed in addition to the number of notes eaten.

This needs Extended Basic.


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