Progpack (T. Wilmott) Review | Home Computing Weekly - Everygamegoing

Home Computing Weekly

By T. Wilmott

Published in Home Computing Weekly #71

Games to suit everyone's taste. Ten in all, though I could only get nine to load. Nevertheless, quite remarkable value for a fiver. Here's a quick run down of the titles:

Stop Thief - a collect and chase game where a foreman wanders round scaffolding dropping fivers. Lucky you must pick them up, for as long as you can!

Base Attack - you have five laser cannon to defend against an alien attack. Very addictive.

Bat Blaster - self explanatory.

Hostile UFO's - aliens again, that swoop and bomb this time.

Treasure Seeker - dig around searching for maps and treasure.

Cave Adventure - the one that wouldn't load, but, from reading the instructions, would appear to be a standard adventure.

Alien Overrun - differently coloured aliens move across screen. Zap them to survive.

Robo-killer - takes some thinking about. Your task is to kill twelve robots by laying pillars and bombs, but they close in on you after every move.

Mystery Game - infuriating but entertaining.

Well there they are. What more could any software-hungry TI owner want, excellent games at a giveaway price.


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