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Home Computing Weekly

Biorhythms/Farmer/Play Your Cards/Snooker
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #31

Whether you take it seriously or not Biorhythms is certainly fun to try out. Calculations are made to show your good, bad or critical days. Your compatibility with someone may also be tested, a match being rated as percentages.

Poor error-trapping, however, gives results for impossible days of the month, dates before you were born and the program sometimes crashes completely!

Farmer is a text only game, the object being to make money by trading livestock. Commands to eat and sleep form a fundamental part of play as bargaining may come to an abrupt end should you die through lack of either.

In Play Your Cards you must guess against the computer whether the next in a series of cards is higher or lower in denomination than the previous one. Not a particularly involved or interesting game.

Snooker is a mainly text version of the Waddington dice game for two players. You have options to nominate which colour you will attempt to pot, try for a snooker or resign. Trying to pot a ball out of sequence results in a foul stroke.


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