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Home Computing Weekly

Character Generator
By Maiden

Published in Home Computing Weekly #65

As every programmer knows, designing graphics and then calculating hexadecimal codes can be a tedious business, particularly those for sprites in Extended Basic. This utility takes all the hard work out of that task. In fact, it's a pleasure to use.

You have a choice of two modes. The first defines one character on an 8 x 8 grid, whilst the second defines up to four characters on a 16 x 16 grid. The hexadecimal codes for each character are displayed beneath the grid, although you can input the coded string yourself and see the resulting character drawn automatically.

The most imaginative feature is the incorporation of short keywords which will not only be obeyed directly when entered, but may be formatted into short 'programs', saving a lot of typing and time.

Once the characters are on the grids, they may be manipulated by commands to invert, mirror or rotate. Up to 10 may also be kept in a temporary 'store' until you want to make a more permanent record. These can then be saved in files on tape and re-loaded when required. Needs Extended Basic.


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