Pinball/Cubits (Lizard Games) Review | Home Computing Weekly - Everygamegoing

Home Computing Weekly

By Lizard Games

Published in Home Computing Weekly #32

Pinball is an old arcade favourite, and this version is a faithful reproduction for the TI.

Three balls are provided for each game, the object being to better the current high score. For each 2,000 points scored, an extra ball is awarded.

My only real criticism is the choice of keys 1 and 0 to control left and right flipper. This sometimes led to accidental quitting of the program by players unfamiliar with the keyboard. I would have thought Q and P would be a better choice.

Cubits is a game for two players in which 10 rows of 15 covered dice are arranged across the screen. Each player in turn selects two dice to uncover with the purpose of matching the numbers.

If a match is made, 10 points are awarded and the player has an extra turn. There are special star dice which earn 50 points. The game ends when all dice are matched, the winner being the player with the highest score.

The game is well error-trapped and has good graphics but eventually becomes tedious to play. Could there not be an option for a long or short game?


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