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Amstrad Action

The Orifice From Outer Space
By Secondcite
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #54

The Orifice From Outer Space

The Orifice From Outer Space is a strange game! Written by the author of Dungeons Amethysts Alchemists 'n' Everything and Scary Tales, it sports a 16 certificate. As with the previous games, this game is a parody of traditional adventures and is very amusing.

You are an unclean and nasty orifice which - in a recent survey - nine out of ten sentient beings in the known universe (who expressed a preference) found extremely undesirable. You have few friends. In fact, it was one of these "friends" who offered you the unmissable opportunity of an intergalactic package holiday. But something went wrong and you were accidentally knocked unconscious. When you awake, and struggle free of your comfortable nailed-down crate, you discover that the "pleasure-cruiser" is in flames!

Thus you must escape before the cruiser explodes. This part of the game is amusing, as you encounter the various characters on the ship, including the rather too friendly captain, a young boy and a beautiful kitchen officer.

Once you have escaped from the ship you land on a planet. Once again you must escape - this time so that you can return home. The only way to reach the space port is to collect reading material for the clerk at the Town Hall and so you must explore the planet to find these items.

Orifice is a fun GAC-ed game, but does it deserve the 16 certificate? Well, it is quite risque in places, but doesn't really deserve the rating. In fact parts of the game have been censored (jokingly!) so that you cannot examine yourself or the naked kitchen officer!

In short, Orifice is a great game, but it suffers from the same criticism as DAA - it is a touch too easy. The author compares the level of difficulty with that of the first part of a Level 9 game and reasons that he writes games that anyone can complete. On saying that, Orifice is only £2.50 and for that price you just can't lose.

The Balrog

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