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F-16 Combat Pilot
By Action 16
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #79

F-16 Combat Pilot

An AA Mastergame and just about the best flight sim ever, F-16 makes it to the budget shelves courtesy of Digital integration's (16-bit) budget label, Action Sixteen.

F-16 sits you in the seat of, er, an F-16 fighter plane. You have six different missions, one of which (Conquest) can only be selected once you've completed the other five. Every mission is randomly calculated, so your route will be different each time.

Once you've kitted out your plane, you take to the skies. The game shifts to a "driver's seat" view of the action, and the massive array of numbers and dials on the screen let you know that there's more to this one than just heading in the right direction and firing occasionally.

The disk version will please people annoyed at the distinct lack of budget software on disk, but look at that price (£2 more than the Amiga version!).

Rod Lawton

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