Amstrad Action

The Blues Brothers

Author: Rod Lawton
Publisher: Titus
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #79


The Blues Brothers

"It's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a packet of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses."

"Hit it."

Er, no. Hang on a minute. In actual fact, The Blues Brothers isn't a film licence. It's only a character licence. What does that mean? It basically just means that the game doesn't have any photos from the film on the box, and it doesn't follow the plot of the film. Which is no real problem, as a lot of 'genuine' film licences don't either (Hudson Hawk, Live And Let Die, etc).

The Blues Brothers

Taking the role of either Jake or Elwood, you have to platform it around five different levels. At the end of each is some item or other you need to stage your concert.

You have three lives, your current state of health being indicated by the number of hearts at the top left of the screen (one life = three hearts). You can get extra hearts by collecting the records that hang around the game area in their hundreds. A hundred, incidentally, is how many you need for each extra heart.

There are also balloons and umbrellas around to 'give you a lift', together with bonus hearts and presents. Some of these presents increase your energy. Most of them stun you instead, leaving you at the mercy of any enemies in the vicinity. Great present, folks. It's that blinkin' Auntie Susan with her perverse sense of humour again, isn't it? [No, I don't think so - Ed]

The Blues Brothers

There are enemies parading around the place, including coppers, gardeners and nuns [And why not? - Barry Norman]. Pick up boxes and throw them at the baddies - it's the only way you can kill the rotters. You don't jump as high with a box in your hands. Nor can you swim or crawl with one.

In later levels, you encounter more in the way of platforming. Lots of little blocks to jump between, whilst avoiding various hazards and ever more bizarre types of enemy.

The Blues Brothers is an excellent game, similar in a lot of respects to last month's Hudson Hawk, but with a lot more in the way of exploration involved, plus the added bonus of the 'record collecting' idea. The graphics are a bit dodgy and it's very easy to avoid the foes by simply leaping over them. There is enough of a challenge here to keep you plugging away till you complete it. As platform games go. this is one of the best. Buy it today and help save that orphanage.

Second Opinion

The Blues Brothers

Crickey! - bit blue, isn't it? Is this monitor lead working, Adam? ... Well, OK, given the great gameplay and good soundtrack we'll forgive it.

First Day Target Score

Complete the first two levels.


Graphics 81%
Great two-colour graphics, neat single screen scrolling but little in the way of animation.

Sonics 56%
Everybody Needs Somebody plays continuously (and irritatingly) throughout. No spot FX.

Grab Factor 94%
A brilliant platform-'em-up, featuring lots of exploration. It's very easy to get into.

Staying Power 96%
Five large levels means you won't finish it in a hurry either. The difficulty level is spot on.

Overall 95%

Rod Lawton

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