Amstrad Action

By Titus
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #79


Prehistorik is a (cave)man with a mission. Never mind "feed the world", this primitive man has realised he's got to feed the tribe first. He sets out to take on the worst the prehistoric world can throw at him...

Which include Gubba-Glubs, Balor and Bobor, Pyro-Tax, Swordy, Chimp-Agogo and many more ultra-cute beasties. Don't stand and gawk at them too long, though, 'cos they're all out to get you. Let any of them touch you and you lose valuable energy. Lose enough energy and you die.

Fortunately, you've got your faithful club at your side. If any of these prowling beasties comes too close, just give it a good few smacks and pick up the points.


This game isn't really about points, though. Don't forget, you've got to feed your starving tribe. So while you're busy fending off monsters, you've got to keep your eyes open for food. You'll find most of the food inside the caves dotted about your world. Also in the caves, however, are nasty spiders and fires, both of which reduce your energy if you get too close.

The aim is to collect enough food by the end of the level to be able to progress to the next... and so on. This means you've got to explore just about every bit of the level.

What we've got here is a very nice-looking, very sweet platform collect-'em-up. However, it's got a few problems. Not least of these is the scrolling. The game uses a push-scroll system that doesn't actually push-scroll until you get to the very edge of the screen.


And then it takes it a few seconds to load the next screen, which is an annoying break in the gameplay.

And that's not the worst of it. The whole lot moves quickly enough when there's not much happening, but get more than a couple of monsters on-screen at once and the animation slows down to a crawl. This really cripples the playability.

Unfortunately, the playability isn't up to much in the first place. It's almost impossible not to take hits, and since you're temporarily invulnerable afterwards, it makes sense to just pile straight in. And, while the game is full of nice touches - like the balloon-flight over the sea - the graphics slow down to a horrible, jerky crawl at the slightest excuse.


Nice try, Titus, but the speed of animation is a real let-down. It's more than just cosmetic - it makes the game almost impossible (and not much fun!) to play at times. Add the fact that it's too easy to get hurt and you've got a real old dinosaur on your hands.

First Day Target Score

Finish level one.


Graphics 68%
Looks wonderful... until it starts getting hectic


Sonics 50%
A reasonable tune, but no in-game fx

Grab Factor 90%
It looks like you're in for a whale of a time...

Staying Power 45%
...but looks aren't everything, unfortunately.

Overall 64%

Rod Lawton

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