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Home Computing Weekly

By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #59

Poor Wally the Wallaby is trapped inside a Thing-A-Ma-Jig factory and must find his way out. Exits are on four different screens, along which he will encounter various obstacles. Successfully completing all four screens, however, only returns Wally to a more difficult screen one.

The first displays a series of ladders leading to upper floors, at the top right is the exit. Wally must not only clmb these ladders but jump over sliding baskets and duck to avoid overhead buckets. Should he be hit not only does he lose a life but must start again.

Having reached the exit, Wally receives bonus points before continuing on the next screen, where he must travel down slides. On the third screen are both slides and ladders, and on the fourth, moving holes.

The program runs smoothly unless you attempt to move sideways off screen. Then it crashes with a "Bad Value". I had to enlist the help of a nephew to find what lay beyond the first screen. "What a wally!" did you say?


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