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By Absolute

Published in Home Computing Weekly #96

Variable barrels of uranium are an unusual treasure to collect, nevertheless, plenty lie discarded in a contaminated mine. You won't be risking your health by descending into its depths, as a remote-controlled robot is ready to command.

The screen displays a cavern, and there are three different ones altogether, in which lie nine barrels. If all barrels are collected within the time limit, which decreases at more advanced levels, then the robot continues in the next cavern. Points are awarded for each barrel collected, as are bonuses for completing each screen in time.

The layout has been carefully prepared. To reach each of the barrels, the robot must be taken along an exact route to make full use of platforms and ladders. A wrong course makes the task impossible. There are huge mutant insects that inhabit the mine, which prove to have an intense dislike of robots.

Control of movement is from a joystick, using up, down and top left and right diagonals. Since some Texas joysticks are difficult to position on the diagonals, mine included, frustration with the hardware ultimately spoils the game. This needs extended Basic.


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